PLUG INTO THE SUN, Cornwall’s leading solar PV installation Company have launched a new opportunity for investors to benefit from the new Feed In Tariff (FIT). This new, exciting and unique opportunity will guarantee investors a high yield, index linked revenue stream for 25 years!

FIT investorThe Feed In Tariff will pay a high rate for each kWh being generated from renewable energy. The rates vary between sizes of installation and between technologies.

PLUG INTO THE SUN have been installing solar PV in Cornwall for over 5 years and have installed over 200 systems for householders, community groups, business and Councils. They offer a full installation service and on going maintenance and support.

FIT investorFrom the existing installations there is extensive data regarding the outputs that can be expected from an installation. Most of our installations produce at least 1000kWh per kW of solar PV installed. This is at least 20% higher than the UK average figure of 800kWh. This demonstrates that Cornwall does receive the highest amount of sunlight and is the natural location for solar PV in the UK.

FIT investorPLUG INTO THE SUN have excellent links with land owners and business throughout Cornwall with large areas of roof space and a high energy demand.

The concept is simple. Investors purchase a solar PV installation on a roof in Cornwall. The INVESTOR gets the feed in tariff and the roof owner gets free electricity.

FIT investorPLUG INTO THE SUN have developed a 25 year lease agreement with solicitors to lease roofs for a payment of free electricity that is being produced by the solar PV. The owner of the roof would also benefit form the 3p / kWh for any electricity that is exported to the grid.

FIT investorThe solar installations will be legally owned by the investor and offer a unique, secure return of between 7 and 10% guaranteed for 25 years by Government law. The feed In Tariff is index linked and for private individuals TAX FREE! Currently investments would range from a minimum of £20,000 up to £3million.

The benefits are not only financial. SOLAR PV generates electricity with no emissions of carbon dioxide. This offsets the use of fossil fuels and nuclear power. The benefits to the planet of reducing green house gas emissions are enormous.

FIT investorThe benefits to the environment by investing in solar PV also have the added benefit of offering excellent PR opportunities. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is very important to investors. The media are keen to support companies and individuals who invest in green energy.

The opportunity is available for individuals, businesses and financial institutions. There’s never been a better time to invest in a brighter future. For more information please email us:-

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